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How To Measure - Dress Shirt Sleeve Length

Dress Shirt Sleeve Length

A. Base of neck (backside, center)
B. Outside tip of shoulder
C. Outside bend of elbow
D. Wrist or the point at which you prefer the cuff to end

1. Rest your hand on the side of your hip, with elbow bent.

2. Measure as shown in the illustration: - Start at (A) the backside base of the neck,
- past (B) the shoulder,
- around (C) the elbow,
- to (D) the wrist or the point at which you prefer the cuff to end.

The path of the tape measure should follow the outside of the arm.

If you have a dress shirt that fits well, you can look for your 'Dress shirt sleeve length' on the size tag.  If your size tag has a range of two numbers, use the higher number.  For example (see the photo below), if your size tag says 34/35 (or 34-35), use 35 as your Barong sleeve length.

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